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Nuala Moore ice swimming in Russia inside the Arctic Circle
Round Ireland relay with Anne Marie Ward, Ryan Ward, Tom Watters, Ian Claxton and Nuala Moore with Expedition Leader Henry O Donnell
Round Ireland relay with Anne Marie Ward, Ryan Ward, Tom Watters, Ian Claxton and Nuala Moore with Expedition Leader Henry O Donnell
Nuala Moore is an extreme swimmer, renowned marathon swimming and channel swimming coach, and endurance athlete from Ireland. She is the Secretary of the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association. As a open water swimmer, she did an ice swim on New Year's Day 2012 in Ireland as well as other ice swims in Russia.

She was the recipient of the Margaret Smith Award given annually by the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association in 2011 as well as a member of the Round Ireland relay swim.

She was a member of the successful, unprecedented, 5-day Bering Strait Swim relay, a 53-mile (86 km) relay crossing from Cape Dezhnev in Chukotka, Russia, to Cape Prince of Wales in the state of Alaska, USA.



Moore was brought up in Dingle, South West Ireland surrounded with some of the most beautiful and challenging water in the world. Sea swimming is her first love, she loves adventure, having spent her childhood in the sea. Competition was never part of her swimming world and still isn't. The sea in all its moods can be the greatest competitor of all.

In 2003 Moore starting taking on swims local to the area of Dingle, having friends in the marine and coming from a fishing family, this allowed her good safety cover and as years progressed she developed a love of deep water and rough conditions. Very much motivated by Lynne Cox and her swims around the world. Lynne's approach was so filled with possibility.

After the unprecedented Round Ireland Swim, Moore decided to commit to organising three swims on the annual calendar and through these swims she has brought swimmers out to challenging waters, deepwater starts, under supreme rescue cover and allowed them to challenge themselves. Bring up their distances, their confidence in non competitive, happy atmosphere.

Round Ireland Swim 2006

In July 2nd 2006, Moore was part of a team of 6 swimmers, Anne Marie Ward, Ryan Ward, Tom Watters, Ian Claxton and Henry O Donnell who swam around the island of Ireland. 830 miles, 1350km ( as the crow flies) in 56 days,35 swim days. It is the longest Marathon Staged swim in History in some of the most hostile waters of the Atlantic, the most volatile ocean off the west coast, the coldest waters of the North Coast.

The swim went clockwise around the country due to prevailing winds and currents. Swimming up to 20 miles off shore on the West Coast to avoid being dragged in and out of bays. The relay was simultaneous with swimmers and 3 open ribs working off GPS of average 20-24 miles a day. Bearing in mind that some miles took and hour as crossing bays was as challenging as crossing channels. A distance was set each morning under the guise of Marine Co Ordinator Derek Flannagan. Despite swimmers being allocated individual mileage, as the time passed the swim became the sum of the parts with the team proving the binding factor as miles became longer and seas became more challenging. Without a mountain top to aim for, without a goal with the exception of it's over when it's over, swimming around Ireland was much more a mind challenge as it was physical. There came a time early on where the physical side burned out but all that unimportant as the swim was not over. This will remain one of the most emotional game changers in all our lives-where all that mattered was team and finishing.

Double Crossing of the English Channel

In 2008 Moore completed a Double Crossing of the English Channel with a 5 person team based in Cork "Siorcanna na Mumhan" in 25 hours 15 mins. The weather was again our adversary and as much as I felt that swimming in the English Channel was a challenge, waiting 9 days for the swim was an even greater battle. Reaching France and having to turn about and relay back was supreme and I enjoyed every minute of the battle. I don't have plans to swim a solo, I don't have the desire, mainly as I do not have the time in the summer to offer to the volatility of the weather with my work commitments. I got to experience the channel in a relay.

' 2010 The Swim of Self Transcendence Marathon Swim-Lake Zurich 26.4km'

The Lake Zurich swim is one of the most amazing lake swims in Europe and the longest fresh water race. It is organised by the Sri Chimnoy marathon team and a wonderful event. Taking on a fresh water swim was a huge challenge for a sea swimmer, not having had any experience in lakes, bouyancy and adjustment of stroke a huge challenge. The conditions on the day were adverse. The rain brought down the temperature of the lake and this make the water temperature more comfortable for a cold water swimmer. Completing the swim in 12hrs she placed 2/6, 2nd to Anna Carin Nordin.

International Ice Swim 1 Mile at water 5 Deg & Under

Nuala completed a mile in Peddlers Lake up the Conor Pass Dingle. Water temp 3.9deg, Air temp wind Chill - 6 deg. 1 mile -38mins gaining her membership of the International Ice Swimming Association. Anne Marie Ward and I met with Ram Barkai in NY at the Global OW Swimming Conference in 2011-We were enthralled with his stories of swimming in cold temperatures more so that we felt it would be a world that we could learn to love and we do. 2012 did not offer any Cold water and it was not possible to do an Ice Swim so it was fantastic when 2013 started with a chill and temperatures dropped enough to achieve. Ice Swimming is one of the most exhilarating experiences of achievement.

1000m @ 0 Degree water

Murmansk Russia Inside the Polar Arctic Circle. Being invited to the International Winter Swimming Association by the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of Murmansk. I was excited to take on the 1000m. In Dec I had swam in 0 Degree water in Tyumen Siberia but the air temp was -33deg. The intake of the air and the impact of such cold on my body was overwhelming. I had not spent any time in a pool so being confined to 25m was another element for me to consider. I was much more prepared to take on the 1000m in Murmansk. The initial burn and the heightened sense of alert, body check and sense of responsibility we have is exhilarating and something that I will always savour. Completing was a super sense of self acknowledgement that I have ever experienced.


Over the years I have discovered that competition is ultimately an internal battle. I see athletes trying to get fast times, the downside they are swimming to "get out", if you can swim faster why don't you swim longer? There is no greater or unpredictable competitor than the sea. I am privliged to live on the most SW section of the Ireland. To finish a swim is to win. I have always thought that swimmers can fear deep water and challenging conditions as they don't get to experience them. The main reason I have tried to put together a challenging calendar of events is so we can all push the limits together. at the same time we can enjoy the day, share the experiences and more important feel proud of the achievements.


Bering Strait Swim

Moore will also be a member of the Bering Strait Swim, a 53-mile (86 km) relay swim attempt from Cape Dezhnev in Chukotka, Russia, to Cape Prince of Wales in the state of Alaska, USA among a team of experienced extreme swimmers.

2013 Bering Strait Swim Relay Members

1. Yuri Tsiganchuk, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
2. Yuri Myagkikh, Russia
3. Vladimir Chegorin, Russia
4. Maria Chizhova, Novosibirsk, Russia
5. Elena Guseva, Russia
6. Kieron Palframan, Cape Town, South Africa
7. Ram Barkai, Cape Town, South Africa
8. Jack Bright, UK
9. Vladimir Litvinov, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
10. Oksana Veklich, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
11. Aleksandr Jakovlev, Jelgava, Latvia
12. Matías Ola, Buenos Aires /Tucuman Argentina
13. Henri Kaarma, Tallinn, Estonia
14. Toomas Haggi, Tallinn, Estonia
15. Nuala Moore, Ireland
16. Anne Marie Ward, Donegal, Ireland
17. Claudia Rose, San Diego, USA
18. Toks Viviers, Cape Town, South Africa
19. Melissa O’Reilly (‘Mo’), Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
20. Ryan Stramrood, Cape Town, South Africa
21. Scott Lautman, Seattle, Washington, USA
22. Cristian Vergara, Santiago, Chile
23. Lelané Rossouw-Bancroft, Newark, Delaware, USA
24. Rafał Ziobro, Krakow, Poland
25. Andrew Chin, Cape Town, South Africa
26. Jackie Cobell, Tunbridge Wells, UK
27. Paul Duffield, West Kelowna, BC, Canada


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