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noun - Non-performance-enhancing equipment is equipment that provides no obvious benefit to a marathon swimmer's performance, but nonetheless is not considered part of the standard equipment of marathon swimming. Swims using such equipment may still qualify as unassisted under the rules of the Marathon Swimmers Federation, but the equipment must be specifically declared in the swim rules before the swim is attempted and documented in the observer reports after the swim is completed.


Examples of Non-performance-enhancing equipment

Nonstandard Equipment of Marathon Swimming

Nonstandard Equipment of Marathon Swimming is any non-approved swimming equipment for marathon swimmers and channel swimmers who are attempting unassisted marathon swims as defined by the rules of the Marathon Swimmers Federation. It differs from Standard Equipment.

Standard Equipment of Marathon Swimming

Note: The swimmer does not need to declare the use of standard equipment (i.e., it is assumed). Any equipment not specifically listed here is considered nonstandard equipment.

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