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Nick Gismondi of NBC Universal
Nick Gismondi and TV Production Crew in the Catalina Channel
Nick Gismondi is a uniquely multi-talented creative genius in the entertainment industry who documented the Swim 22 relay. He stayed up over 55 hours straight, filming Swim 22 while braving aggressive sharks, an angry fathomless sea and long dark nights aboard an endlessly rocking escort boat, ignoring fear, fatigue, danger, bleeding wounds amid the relentlessly dynamic elements on the Pacific Ocean.

He has been a sportscaster on TV and radio, a music DJ, in-studio host, field reporter, emcee, and show host with Clear Channel Radio, ABC Radio, FOX Sports Radio, FOX Sports Network, Comcast Cable and Universal Sports (NBC). He has produced programs for FOX, The CW, Warner Brothers, and NBC Universal.

He has done voice-overs for On Hold Message for Newport Boats, Century 21 (TV), Proleva (TV), McDonalds Radio, Blockbuster Radio, Mazda (Radio), Mercedes Benz (Radio), FOX TV, CW TV Network, TGI Fridays (Radio), HP Pavilion (Radio), Hardees (Radio), Dish Network (Radio), San Diego Padres and Playboy. Gismondi can write a script, announce it, act it out, and get the theme across effectively and memorably.

Among his latest projects, Gismondi produced Adversarial Tides, a documentary about Swim 22.



Gismondi on Radio and TV


Nick Gismondi does anything the fans request, so long as it's legal and sports related that is. Check it out and send him a command through twitter @NicksDoingWhat.

Nick Gismondi on Twitter

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