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Natalie Merrow, Catalina Channel swimmer
Fear No Pier participants under the pier at Huntington Beach, including Lynn Kubasek, Julian Rusinek, Ray Meltvedt, Theo Schmeeckle, Natalie Merrow, Tanya MacLean, and Scott Zornig just after finishing their 19th stage swim. Photo by WOWSA

Natalie Merrow is an American open water swimmer who had a dream of swimming the Catalina Channel after reading Lynne Cox books. She completed it in September 2010. You can read her bio on

She started swimming at the age of two and had no idea distance swimming was her forte. The kids in her junior lifeguard program always sat out during the distance swim because it was too cold. Natalie thrived on those swims and loved every minute out there. She has been participating in local Southern California open water events since her 20's and continues to swim in San Clemente at the new Vista Hermosa pool.

She now resides in Aliso Viejo, California and can be found swimming in Laguna Beach with fellow Oak Streaker swimmers every Saturday and some Sundays. Her favorite swim pal is Lexie Kelly and is often seen down in her hometown of Long Beach chasing Lexie around Naples Island. Natalie always has a positive bright smile side to her and continues to share her passion of swimming everyday whether in pool or ocean. She is an inspiration to others frequently assisting other channel swimmers in the area.


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