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Muyuki Fujita, English Channel swimmer
Miyuki Fujita with her coach Haruyuki Ishii on the shores of Dover
Miyuki Fujia is a popular open water swimmer from Japan who has successfully crossed the English Channel and the Tsugaru Channel to complete 2 channels of the Oceans Seven. She has also completed a crossing of the Suruga Bay in Japan.

English Channel

She also crossed the English Channel numerous times including on 19 August 2011 in 18 hours 14 minutes when she was escorted by Neil Streeter.

Tsugaru Channel

She is a member of the 24-hour club for her 37 hour 24 minute three-way crossing of the Tsugaru Channel in 2006. She also completed 111 km of the 120 km distance of the Tsugaru Channel when she tried to swim the entire length of the Tsugaru Channel from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean in 2009.

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