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Michael Jennings
Michael Jennings is an open water swimmer who completed two English Channel swims: a France-to-England solo swim in 1960 and an England-to-France solo swim in 1966. He wrote a book called Believe It Or Not to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first English Channel swim. The book proceeds are in support of the Ellenor Lions Hospices. He has currently sold about 1,600 books, giving Hospices £12,000 in November.

He is also a member of The Dover Beach Crew together with Freda Streeter, Irene Wakeham, Barrie Wakeham, Kevin Murphy, Nick Adams, Michelle Topatalo, Tanya Harding, Mike Ball, John Thorpe and other volunteers who won the inaugural Service to Marathon Swimming Award in 2013 given by the Marathon Swimmers Forum. She regularly helps run training sessions in Dover harbour for open water swimmers who challenge themselves to solo and relay crossings of the English Channel.

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