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Michael Ventre, extreme swimmer from Botswana
Michael Ventre, extreme swimmer from Botswana at the 2014 Winter Swimming Championships in Finland
[Michael Ventre is an open water swimmer from Botswana who successfully completed the English Channel on 15 August 2011 in 15 hours 18 minutes and the Molokai Channel in Hawaii on 6 August 2012 in 22 hours 30 minutes, swimming from Molokai to Oahu's China Walls, to complete two Oceans Seven channels (ranked #35 in the global list).

He also competed in the 2012 Winter Swimming World Championships in Latvia and swam from Robben Island to Blouberg in Cape Town on 25 February 2013 in 2 hours 33 minutes while raising awareness and funds for The World Food Programme, The Hunger Project and the Enough Food for Everyone If campaign.

Michael was born in Gaborone, Botswana in 1977 to British parents where he lived till the age of 13 and went to Broadhurst Primary School. He then went to high school in Johannesburg, South Africa at St Stithians College and later attended the Rand Afrikaans University (now the University of Johannesburg). He is currently living and working in London and working towards the Oceans Seven.

Winter Swimming Championships

He is also an extreme swimmer who participated in the 2014 Winter Swimming Championships in Finland where he competed in the 450m endurance swim.


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