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Mauro Giaconia, endurance athlete at the san Alfonso del Mar Resort pool
Mauro Giaconia is a marathon swimmer from Palermo, Italy who was in second place at the 2012 Tampa Bay Marathon Swim before it was cancelled due to thunderstorms. He swam 62 miles in 24 hours in a vast sea-water swimming pool of San Alfonso del Mar Resort hotel in Argentina.

He also plans to swim 150 km in the river Ebro in Spain in 2013.

Swim of Peace Ouma - Djerba

Giaconia will also participate in the 26 km Swim of Peace Ouma - Djerba (Ouma of Djerba) on 2 June 2013 together with Nejib Belhedi, Adam Walker, Haydn Welch, Jackie Cobell, Nicola Fraser, Silke Fraser, Rebecca Jarre, Thomas Noblett, Claire Noblett, Keith Bartolo, Gabriele Galli, and Dave Cobell.

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