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Mauricio Prieto, Susan Moody and Emily Kunze
Mauricio Prieto, Susan Moody and Emily Kunze in a three-fer in the Strait of Gibraltar
Mauricio Prieto, Susan Moody and Emily Kunze finishing their three-fer in Morocco after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar
Mauricio Prieto is an open water swimmer and aquapreneur originally from Mexico who graduated from Princeton University in New Jersey. He founded eDreams, main sponsors of Marnaton, an organization that aims to popularize open water swimming in Spain. Marnaton organizes Marnaton eDreams Cadaqués, a 6.5 km open water swimming event that attracts over 700 swimmers, Marnaton eDreams Formentera (11 km), Marnaton eDreams St Feliu (6 km), Marnaton eDreams La Lluna (4.5 km).

He was named one of the 101 Movers And Shakers In The Open Water Swimming World by the Daily News of Open Water Swimming, although he did not swim competitively at high school or college. He started swimming on a regular basis at California in 1993. Since then, many things have changed but his love of swimming has remained a constant. Once he moved from San Francisco to Barcelona in 1999, he discovered the magic of open water swimming in the Mediterranean. He swims 60 km-100 km per month, 60% pool and 40% in the open water. His company, eDreams, is a sponsor of Marnaton.

He will also participate in an 88-mile (141.6 km) charity swim and relay across the Sea of Cortez in Mexico together with Richard Ernst, Susan Moody, Vito Bialla, Luane Rowe and Antonio Argüelles on 1 June 2014.



He also founded Swim4Good together with his wife Susan Moody and Emily Kunze. Together they produce a blog called OWswimming that focuses on various open water swimming topics and showcases interviews and guest posts with swimmers. As part of Swim4Good, Prieto, Susan Moody and Emily Kunze swam across the Strait of Gibraltar and raised $106.000 for Worldreader, a non-profit organization that brings books to kids in the developing world using mobile technology.

Marathon Swims (10 km and more)

Prieto has completed the following solo crossings:


A video from Víctor Rins

Sueño 88 team

Prieto is part of the Sueño 88, 6 open water swimmers who will attempt to swim 88 nautical miles (101 miles of 163 km) across the Sea of Cortez from the Baja California peninsula to the mainland of Mexico. Sueño 88 is an initiative by the Night Train Swimmers and Swim4Good, two organizations that use swimming as a vehicle to raise money for non-profit organizations, and includes David Ogden, Mauricio Prieto, Luane Rowe, Richard Ernst, Shannon Navarro, Susan Moody Prieto, and Vito Bialla (escort boat captain).

Sueño 88 Video

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