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The River Thames Open Water Swim Series offers the Marlow River Swim, a 750m, 1.5 km and 3 km open water swimming event held in July in Buckinghamshire, UK.


[edit] Contact

[edit] Cost

From £25

[edit] Field

The event is limited to 500 individuals.

[edit] Course

The swim consists of a single lap out and back swim in the River Thames for all the distances with clear markings on the buoys on when to turn. The river is a very calm and steady flow, which makes it the perfect event for anyone looking to take part in there first swim. Swimmers are literally only metres from the rivers edge.

[edit] Thames Open Water Swim Series

[edit] 2011 Events

20 May 2011 – Royal Windsor Swim
14 July 2012 – Marlow River Swim
18 August – Henley On Thames River Swim
8 September 2012 – BIG SOUTH Eton Swim

[edit] 2012 Events

[edit] 2013 Events

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