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Mark Wagner, Coach of the Redding Swim Team
Mark Wagner is the head coach of the Redding Swim Team in Redding, California. He runs a distance camp every year where there are two workouts per day of 10,000 yards.

Coach Wagner serves as the Head Coach and the Chief Executive Officer for the Redding Swim Team. He is a former College All-American Swimmer who has been coaching since 1985. He has coached all levels of swimming in the areas of recreational, high school and U.S.A. swim teams before coming to Redding in September of 1996. He is the Shasta College Swim Coach since 2005. In addition, the American Swimming Coaches Association certifies Mark as a level 4 coach. His certification places him in the top 5% in the nation. Mark also serves on the Board of Directors of Sierra Nevada Swimming.

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