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Marilyn Morgan, archivist, writer, researcher and creator of Consuming Cultures
Marilyn Morgan is a life-long swimmer, writer, researcher, an innovative project manager, an archivist, and a specialist in gender issues. She is the Manuscript Processing Archivist at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

[edit] Specialization

She focuses on inspiring, supporting, and disseminating academic research, especially related to women’s issues in popular culture. Her research investigates 20th-century and contemporary American history, popular culture, and material culture, especially advertising; consumerism; marketing to women; socially constructed gender roles; cultural aesthetics and beauty pageants; cosmetics; women and sport, media treatment of women athletes; youth culture; body image; dieting; gendering of sport; women’s swimming; eroticization of women athletes; and beach culture. She wrote her dissertation on The Star-Spangled Channel: Gender, Money and the Media in Marathon Swimming 1900-1936.

[edit] Blog

Morgan created a blog called Consuming Cultures with numerous well-researched articles that delve into the history of swimwear, swimming, and advertising in America.

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