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Fiona Goh, marathon swimmer featured in DRIVEN with music from Marcus Baertschi
Marcus Baertschi is a multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years of experience playing, writing and recording music who wrote and scored the music for the documentary film DRIVEN.

[edit] Vision

"To me, everything is musical. The tones resonating from a car fender when it is played as percussion, noises echoing through a subway or the wind blowing through the trees, it all equals frequency and resonance and is the form of universal language that makes the most sense to me."

[edit] Element 8 Productions

Element 8 Productions is an independent documentary film production company. Headed by creative filmmaker Ben Pitterle, Element 8 Productions filmed, edited and produced DRIVEN, a film about marathon swimming. The film is currently in production, and features marathon swimmers Fiona Goh, Cherie Edborg, and Evan Morrison, and their respective swims across the Santa Barbara Channel.

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