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Marc Randall, Founder of The Athlete Village
Marc Randall founded The Athlete Village, an online swimming community connecting swimmers and triathletes with swim coaches for technical swim stoke analysis. His primary focus of The Athlete Village is to provide innovative and convenient online video stroke analysis for swimmers and triathletes. The Athlete Village provides an easy-to-use web based medium allowing swimmers to upload personal video footage for professional review by swimming experts.



Randell is the founder and President of The Athlete Village, LLC. He began swimming competitively when he was 5 years old in 1981. Swimming has been the single greatest driving force in his life. His swimming, combined with his Mechanical Engineering background, provided the inspiration for The Athlete Village.

Randall attended Boston University from 1995-1999 on a swimming scholarship. Majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, the seed was planted for attempting to better understand swimming technique and human movement through the water.

He launched The Athlete Village in 2009. The goal was to provide ALL swimmers with access to the best and most current swimming technology available. In addition to Randall's passion for swimming, the real engine behind the success of The Athlete Village is the independent consultant coaches. The Athlete Village runs on a network of top swim coaches around the country. Each coach has passed a rigorous credentialing process and has the experience and aptitude necessary to help swimmers reach their peak performance.

Benefits of The Athlete Village

The Athlete Village is the premier site where swimmers and triathletes come to improve their swim stroke. Its offers professional video analysis of your performance, completed by some of the best swim coaches in the world.

Video Analysis

The Athlete Village is an online meeting place for athletes and coaches to share experiences, knowledge, guidance, and just to get together with other villagers with similar interests.

The Video Analysis aspect of The Athlete Village is its most outstanding characteristic that makes its website unique. Taking advantage of special video editing software, the site allows athletes to submit video, in practice or competition, for review by a professional in the field. This process gives athletes the opportunity to receive feedback and coaching previously reserved for the most elite athletes. The Athlete Village brings the best coaches in the world to anyone's computer.


1. To revolutionize the connection between athletes and coaches. To promote a balanced approach to hard work, perseverance, and achievement.

2. To disseminate valid, relevant, and beneficial technical instruction to improve individual performance as well as the overall advancement of the sport.

3. To enable athletes and coaches to reach their full potential.

4. To focus on athletics for life.


Tactics & Techniques of Elite Open Water Swimmers is an innovative educational DVD that showcases the tactics and techniques of elite open water swimmers. The DVD was filmed at the 2010 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California.

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