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Lifeguard manning a lifeguard tower at Sunset Beach in Southern California
Alexandra Paul in her Baywatch swimsuit playing a California lifeguard
noun - Life saver (or lifeguard) is an individual who participates in lifesaving or lifeguarding activities either in a pool or open body of water.

A lifesaver is involved with prevention of accidents or injuries, rescue, resuscitation and first aid, especially in regards to water safety and aquatic rescue. Life savers also refer to athletes who compete in skills, speed and team work in the ocean and can be surf lifesavers. They utilize paddleboards, Jet Skis, PWCs, and WaveRunners to make saves in the ocean.

Those who participate in lifesaving activities as a volunteer are called lifesavers, and those who are employed to perform lifesaving activities are called lifeguards.

There are always life savers mandated to provide safety services at the local ocean swimming competitions.


surf life saver, lifeguard, ocean lifeguard, lifesaver

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