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The Loveleys
Windermere 12-way Warriors
Liane Llewellyn is a member of The Loveleys, a group of women who took 17 hours 50 minutes 50 seconds to swim 56 miles around the Isle of Wight in a island circumnavigation swim in September 2011. Rachael Cretten, Kathy Batts (2-way English Channel swimmer), Lucy Donnelly, Paula Foreman and Becky Hedges were the other members.

Llewellyn's swimming record is phenomenal; she has strength of character, determination, speed and total focus. She is a member of the 24-hour club and is also the President Elect of the British Long Distance Swimming Association and was a member of the Windermere 12-way Warriors that set a world marathon swimming relay record and was nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.


Brief Swimming History

Windermere 12-way Warriors

Llewellyn was a member of the Windermere 12-way Warriors who also included Thomas Noblett, Keith Bartolo, Michelle Lefton, Michelle Sharples and Dee Llewellyn. They set the world's non-stop lake distance swimming record in 2011. Their 3-day adventure of endurance, teamwork and patience was held in Windermere in the Lake District of England. The team did 12 non-stop crossings of Windermere that broke the existing record of 118 miles, set by the Night Train Swimmers in Lake Powell in Arizona, USA in 2010.

The 12-way Warriors swam 126 miles in 75 hours and 32 minutes straight. The team was nominated for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

Split Times

Their first lap was 6 hours 45 minutes.
Their second lap was 5 hours 45 minutes.
Their third lap was 6 hours 15 minutes.
Their fourth lap was 6 hours 2 minutes.
Their fifth lap was 6 hours 25 minutes.
Their sixth lap was 6 hours 6 minutes.
Their seventh lap was 6 hours 53 minutes.
Their eighth lap was 6 hours 19 minutes.
Their ninth lap was 6 hours 10 minutes.
Their tenth lap was 6 hours and 2 minutes.
Their eleventh lap was 6 hours 24 minutes.
Their twelfth lap was 5 hours 54 minutes.

Nomination for the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year


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