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Laura Hamel is the the Communications and Publications Director of U.S. Masters Swimming and the Editor In Chief of SWIMMER
Laura Hamel is the the Communications and Publications Director of U.S. Masters Swimming and the Editor In Chief of SWIMMER, the official magazine of U.S. Masters Swimming. She is an avid pool and open water swimmer who swims and volunteers with the Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters Swimming team.

Hamel manages USMS publications, including SWIMMER magazine, the STREAMLINES e-newsletter series, and articles published on She also oversees USMS social media and video campaigns and works with outside media entities to promote Masters swimming.

She managed her own freelance writing, editing, and organizational consulting business prior to joining the USMS staff. After a decade-long career in law enforcement, she attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in organizational studies.

Originally from Northern California, Hamel feels most at home in the mountains or in the water. She enjoys backpacking, kayaking, paddle boarding, SCUBA diving, and adventure swimming. She swam competitively until age 12, and then didn’t return to the sport until age 42. She is also a swim mom to a miler, an age group meet official, overseer of kayaker support crews at open water events, and serving as webmaster and assistant coach. She has completed the Level 3 USMS Coach Certification course.

SWIMMER Magazine Contributions

July-August 2010 Issue: "Tech Suits Add Flavor, But Swimmers Bring the Juice"
November-December 2009 Issue: "A Trio of Miracles"
January-February 2013 Issue: "Cool New Stuff"
January-February 2013 Issue: "Underwater Music"
January-February 2013 Issue: "Recently Read: A Door in the Ocean"
November-December 2012 Issue: "Swim Gadgets"
November-December 2012 Issue: "Swimming in Technology"
November-December 2012 Issue: "Recently Read: The Underwater Window"
September-October 2012 Issue: "Polyester Training Suits"
September-October 2012 Issue: "Swimming in Social Media"
July-August 2012 Issue: "Kickboards"
July-August 2012 Issue: "Triathletes and Swimmers"
May-June 2012 Issue: "Tech Suits"
May-June 2012 Issue: "Olympic Moments"
May-June 2012 Issue: "Swimmer Writers Publish Works"
March-April 2012 Issue: "Family"
March-April 2012 Issue: "Recently Read: Open Water Swimming"
January-February 2012 Issue: "Dryland Resistance Cords"
January-February 2012 Issue: "Change"
November-December 2011 Issue: "What's Your Word?"
November-December 2011 Issue: "In-Water Resistance Training"
September-October 2011 Issue: "Sports Nutrition Part II: (Electrolyte Replacement and Recovery)"
September-October 2011 Issue: "Fear of Water"
September-October 2011 Issue: "2-Minute Tune-up: Ed Moses"
July-August 2011 Issue: "Sports Nutrition--Part I (Bars)"
July-August 2011 Issue: "Inspiration"
July-August 2011 Issue: "Masters Swimmers in Bookstores Near You"
July-August 2011 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-Up: Don't Forget the Up-Kick"
May-June 2011 Issue: "Pull Buoys"
May-June 2011 Issue: "Teammates"
May-June 2011 Issue: "On Deck with ... Nancy Brown"
March-April 2011 Issue: "Wetsuits"
March-April 2011 Issue: "Shaken, Stirred and Sorry"
March-April 2011 Issue: "Gadget Watch"
March-April 2011 Issue: "Recently Read: Open Water Swimming: Lessons from Alcatraz"
March-April 2011 Issue: "On Deck with ... Scott Bay"
January-February 2011 Issue: "Caps"
January-February 2011 Issue: "Product Testing"
January-February 2011 Issue: "Recently Read: Fish"
January-February 2011 Issue: "Jeff Farrell in ESPN The Magazine"
January-February 2011 Issue: "On Deck With ... Cokie Lepinski"
November-December 2010 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-Up"
November-December 2010 Issue: "On the Road"
November-December 2010 Issue: "Grab Bag"
November-December 2010 Issue: "6 Swimmers, 202 Miles, 102 Hours, 57 Degrees, 0 Wimps"
November-December 2010 Issue: "Volunteer Profile: John Bauman"
November-December 2010 Issue: "Out in the Open"
November-December 2010 Issue: "Web Workout"
September-October 2010 Issue: "Out in the Open: The Seven Seas"
September-October 2010 Issue: "The Inclusive Sport -- It's All Good!"
September-October 2010 Issue: "Fins"
September-October 2010 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-Up: Long Reach for the Wall"
September-October 2010 Issue: "Recently Read: Odd Man Out -- An Autobiography"
September-October 2010 Issue: "From the Center Lanes"
September-October 2010 Issue: "Web Workout"
September-October 2010 Issue: "Stabilize Your Core"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Tech Suits"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Out in the Open: Vito Bialla"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Volunteer Profile: Barry Fasbender"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Happy Anniversary USMS"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-Up: Watch the Fast Swimmers"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Lynn Hazlewood Receives Ransom Arthur Award"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Recently Read: Trizophrenia - Inside the Minds of a Triathlete"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Gadget Watch: Swimming Apps for Smart Phones"
July-August 2010 Issue: "From the Center Lanes: Lo Knapp"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Web Workout"
July-August 2010 Issue: "Recently Read: Shape Up!"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Aging Gracefully with USMS"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Product Review: Paddles"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Volunteer Profile: Mary Beth Windrath"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Out in the Open: Marcia Cleveland"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Recently Read: Good Swimming"
May-June 2010 Issue: "First Ever 360-399 Relay Records"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-up: Aaron Peirsol"
May-June 2010 Issue: "Web Workout: Marilyn Grindrod"
May-June 2010 Issue: "From the Center Lanes: Kenneth Frost"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Hair and Body Products"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Spring Is in the Air"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Volunteer Profile: Leo Letendre"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Swimming with SEALS"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Out in the Open: Pool Open Water Training"
March-April 2010 Issue: "USMS Members Receive Open Water Honors"
March-April 2010 Issue: "From the Center Lanes"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Recently Read: "Young Woman and the Sea"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-up: Keep Your Head Still"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Coaches' Choice: Swimming Anatomy"
March-April 2010 Issue: "Web Workout"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Out in the Open: Combating Chaos"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Goggles"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Swimming for Water"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Volunteer Profile: Kathy Casey"
January-February 2010 Issue: "The Swimming Race"
January-February 2010 Issue: "From the Center Lanes"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Recently Read: "With a Single Step"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Train Your Brain?"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-Up: Breaststroke Pull-Down and Arm Recovery"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Swimming for "65 Roses""
January-February 2010 Issue: "Web Workout"
January-February 2010 Issue: "Guinness Book Relay Attempt Scheduled for April"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Out in the Open: How to Swim in Cold Water"
November-December 2009 Issue: "The Swimming Subculture"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Swim for the Future, Swim for the Past"
November-December 2009 Issue: "KT Tape: Not Just for Elite Athletes Anymore"
November-December 2009 Issue: "From the Center Lanes"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Two-Minute Tune-up: Power from the Hips"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Recently Viewed: Haunts of the Black Masseur: The Swimmer as Hero"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Surfer's Ear Strikes Swimmers"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Practitioner Profile: Miller Receives Prestigious FINA Appointment"
November-December 2009 Issue: "'Stokes' from Different Strokes"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Readers Ask: Warm Pool Water"
November-December 2009 Issue: "Web Workout"
September-October 2009 Issue: "SWIMMER Hears Your Feedback"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Out in the Open: Preparing for Open Water in the Pool"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Volunteer Profile: Lynn Hazlewood"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Across Time and Distance, Two Swimmers Finally Meet"
September-October 2009 Issue: "From the Center Lanes: Mike Ross"
September-October 2009 Issue: "It's All About You: My USMS"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Race for the Oceans"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Your Brain on Sports Drinks"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Recently Viewed: Yoga for Swimmers"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Web Workout"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Proton Pump Inhibitors and Nutrient Depletion"
September-October 2009 Issue: "Practitioner Profile: Bronwyn Lewis"
July-August 2009 Issue: Featured in "New Professionals for Sarasota Headquarters"

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