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Larry Herlth, first person to complete the 8-mile (12.8 km) ocean swim
Larry Herlth, whose nickname is Lighthouse Larry, is an American artist and open water swimmer from Islamorada, Florida who completed an 8-mile swim from Islamorada around the Alligator Lighthouse and back in 5 hours, 11 minutes. This inaugural solo swim had led to the establishment of the Islamorada Swim For Alligator Lighthouse for solo swimmers, 2-person teams, and 4-person teams on 21 September 2013.

He attempted the swim as a crusade to raise awareness about Alligator Lighthouse and the five other historic but deteriorating beacons in the Florida Keys, including the Sombrero, Molasses, American Shoal, Carysfort and Sand Key lighthouses.

He was supported by the Fighting Manatees, a masters swim team in Islamorada. A 5-person relay team that included 6-time Olympic medalist Jon Olsen swam alongside him for most of the swim.

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