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Lake Willoughby. Photo courtesy of Phil White
The Willoughby Swim is a 5-mile open water swimming competition in Lake Willoughby in the state of Vermont and is part of the Swim The Kingdom event organized by the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association. It is a no-nonsense 5-mile swim on one of the most majestic and pristine, glacially carved lakes in the Americas hosted by the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association under the leadership of Phil White.

It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.



5 miles




City Lake Willoughby

State/County/Province Vermont

Country USA

Region Americas


Name Phil White

Email swim@orleansrecreation.org

Event Information

Month: August

Event Date: 8/20/2011

Website: www.kingdomswim.org

Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: Yes. Requires a 3-mile qualification swim.

Charity: No

2013 Swim the Kingdom Schedule

The Swim The Kingdom event consists of 7 open water swims in 9 days held in Lake Memphremagog.

August 10th: Crystal Swim, a 4-mile open water swim under the cliffs and around the shores
August 11th: Island Pond Swim, 3-mile open water swim from Brighton State Park Beach around The Island
August 13th: Seymour Swim, a 3.5-mile open water swimming double loop
August 14th: Massawippi, a 4-mile open water swim starting and ending at Ayres Cliff, Quebec
August 15th: Memphremagog, a 4-mile open water swim in Derby, around Black, Belle, and Cove Islands
August 17th: Willoughby Swim, a 5-mile majestic open water swim
August 18th: Caspian Swim, a 3-mile open water swim to Bathtub Rock and back or 1.5 miles to The Rock

NEKOKWSA 2014 Schedule

August 9th - 17th - 8 Lakes - 43 Miles - 4 Marathons: Swim The Kingdom Week. Swimmers can participate in one event or up to all eight events.

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