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Kim Owen is a marathon swimmer from Great Britain. She successfully crossed the English Channel guided by Eric Hartley on Pathfinder in 14 hours 8 minutes in August 2011. In 2010, Owen swam across the English Channel as part of an unprecedented Medley Relay Team in a world record time of 11 hours 29 minutes.

"The first 5 hours were lovely calm conditions and I was making good progress. After that the fun began. The wind picked up and the water became pretty swelly and quite rough. I had a sore shoulder at 5 hours too, that became a lot worse, but I managed to keep going. It became a really tough day, but I managed to land at Sandgatte. It's true what they say: the mind is definitely stronger than the body!

My amazing 'dream team' crew: Matt, Dave and Sam - they made the journey possible and bearable! Really could not have got through it without them. To Eric and Gary and John the Observer. They were constantly checking on me and for Eric shouting words of encouragement when it got tough."

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