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noun - The Kaulakahi Channel is a 17-mile (27.3 km) wide channel that separates the islands of Kauai and Niihau in the state of Hawaii. It is part of the Eight Seas.

[edit] Kaulakahi Channel Swimmers

The list of successful Kaulakahi Channel Swimmers who have successfully crossed this channel include:

8. 2012 - Bill Goding
7. 2012 - Tina Neill
6. 2012 - Forrest Nelson
5. 2010 - Quinn Carver
4. 2003 - Linda Kaiser, 1st Channel Crossing, 1st Women
3. 2003 - Laurie Foster
2. 2003 - Mike Spalding
1. 2003 - Tom Robinson

[edit] Channels in the Hawaiian Islands

There are 9 main channels in the Hawaiian Islands that individuals attempt to swim: Auau Channel (or the Maui Channel), Kalohi Channel, Alalakeiki Channel, Pailolo Channel, Alenuihaha Channel, Kaulakahi Channel, Kealaikahiki Channel, Kaiwi Channel (or Moloka'i Channel) and the Kaieiewaho Channel.

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