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Epic Races
Epic Races
Karen McKeachie is one of the co-founders of Epic Races, an innovative sporting event management company together with Eva Solomon. Their mission is to professionally manage safe and eco-friendly multi-sport and endurance events that appeal to beginner through elite athletes and showcase the resources, industry, and beauty of the state of Michigan, U.S.A. They also offer clinics and coaching services as part of a complete multi-sport package.

McKeachie holds eleven national age group titles, five world titles, and nine Hawaii Ironmans (highest finish was 8th female overall) and is an accomplished leader and true pioneer of the sport.

At the Epic Races clinics, Karen shares her knowledge, expertise, and passion with One on One with Karen. In this small group setting, participants will have the opportunity to ask everything they ever wanted to know about triathlon training and racing.


[edit] Epic Clinics

McKeachie and Solomon offer Epic Races' series of clinics in February (Beginner triathlete clinic and a swim clinic for experienced triathletes), March (Beginner and intermediate level triathlete clinic plus swim stroke clinic), April (Goal setting, training plans, transition instructions, and swim clinic) and June (Open Water Swim Clinics). Coaches include Mojo Isaac and McKeachie.

[edit] Tri Goddess Tri

McKeachie and Solomon organize the Tri Goddess Tri, Michigan's 3-race Premier Women's Triathlon held in June at the Portage Lake State Park, Waterloo Recreation Area.

[edit] Battle of Waterloo

McKeachie and Solomon organize the Battle of Waterloo, a survival race series held in August at the Portage Lake State Park, Wateroo Recreation Area (1.4 mile run, 20.5 mile bike, 0.5 mile swim, 4 mile run, 0.25 mile swim, 3.4 mile run, 0.7 mile swim, 3.3 mile run, 5.8 mile bike, 1.4 mile run).

[edit] Swim to the Moon 5K Open Water Swim

McKeachie and Solomon organize the Swim to the Moon, a 5K Open Water Swim held in August at Halfmoon Lake Beach, Pinckney Recreation Area.

Eva Solomon, Co-founder
Karen, Co-founder

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