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Kane Radford on cover of Swimming World Magazine
Kane Radford winning the State Harbour Crossing at the 2011 New Zealand Ocean Swim Series in Auckland
Kane Radford (born 2 November 1990 in Rotorua) is a world-class open water swimmer from New Zealand who swims for HPC - Rotorua. He has won the prestigious RCP Tiburon Mile in 2011 and 2012, winning a US$10,000 both times.

He participated in the 2011 FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China and in the 2013 FINA World Championships in the 5 km solo, 5 km team pursuit relay, and the 10 km marathon swim. He has also won second consecutive New Zealand Ocean Swim Series, the most prestigious and competitive open water swimming series in New Zealand. In this series, he won several races including the State Le Grande Swim.


Olympics Qualification

He also qualified to compete in the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim at the 2012 London Olympics but his federation did not send him to London due to their qualification standards.


2012 State Capital Classic 1st
2011 14th FINA World Championships Team (10K)
2011 Australian Open Water Swimming Championships, 1st in 5K
2011 New Zealand Open Water Swimming Championships, 2nd in 5K, 5th in 10K
2010 Open Water Swimming Championships Team, Samoa
2009 RCP Tiburon Mile, San Francisco, 1st
2009 Junior Pan Pacific Open Water Swimming Team, Guam
2008 2nd FINA World Youth Championships Team, Mexico
2008 Oceania Open Water Swimming Championships, Rotorua
2007 12th FINA World Swimming Championships, Melbourne
2007 Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships Team, Maui
2012 FINA Olympic 10km Marathon Swimming Qualifier in Setubal Portugal

2012 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Male Finalists

1. Spyros Gianniotis (GRE)
2. Thomas Lurz (GER)
3. Sergey Bolshakov (RUS)
4. Alex Meyer (USA)
5. Ky Hurst (AUS)
6. Francisco Hervas (ESP)
7. Brian Ryckeman (BEL)
8. Julien Sauvage (FRA)
9. Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS)
10. Andreas Waschburger (GER)
11. Oussama Mellouli (TUN)
12. Richard Weinberger (CAN)
13. Petar Stoychev (BUL)
14. Valerio Cleri (ITA)
15. Troyden Prinsloo (RSA)
16. Yasunari Hirai (JPN)
17. Igor Chervynskiy (UKR)
18. Ivan Enderica Ochoa (ECU)
19. Arseniy Lavrentyev (POR)
20. Yuriy Kudinov (KAZ)
21. Erwin Maldonado (VEN)
22. Csaba Gercsak (HUN)
23. Kane Radford (NZL)
24. Mazen Aziz (EGY)
25. Daniel Fogg (GBR)

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