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Jumping Fish
Jumping Fish is a consulting business service offering different types of coaching for different needs. Jim Alabiso, the Founder, is a specialist in Open Water Swimming.

[edit] Company Overview

Sometimes, you need an extra push... someone to help focus the lens, help clarify where you are, and where you want to go.

Sometimes, reading a book isn't enough. JumpingFish Coaching helps you develop and implement your ideal life.

[edit] Coaching

A life coach can be the difference between living an ordinary life and living the life of your dreams. Life coaching helps you structure and organize your daily life and priorities, and provides you with assurance, support, confidence, encouragement, motivation and inspiration.

Boost your brain and your energy by staying active and eating well. Our mobile personal trainer creates customized, creative, and effective routines. You’ll also have access to our nutrition coach to guide you to healthier eating and weight management.

"Work” is whatever you’re passionate about doing. In your work, you may be an employee, a manager, a volunteer, or a freelance consultant. Our coaches have years of success in all of those roles, and can share with you what’s worked for us, as well as what hasn’t.

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