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Jonathan Esteve Ph.D. is the founder and coach at All In Your Mind©. Dr. Esteve is a Sports Training professor at the Exercise Sciences School in the Universidad Europea de Madrid and Visiting Lecturer at the Exercise Sciences School of Greenwich University. He is also a Track & Field coach Level 3 (RFEA), Triathlon coach Level 3 (FETRI), recreational runner for 20 years, and author of several scientific papers in endurance sports field who created the All In Your Mind© brand.


AllInYourMind Centres include the Universidad Europea de Madrid where the School of Runners and Triathletes and a Children Triathlon School (4 to 12 years) are conducted. The program Head is Jonathan Esteve Ph.D. and Visiting Lecturer at Exercise Sciences Greenwich University where 7 coaches offer a comprehensive program. All In Your Mind also includes the Universidad de Alicante where 11-time Ironman triathlete Esteban Prieto is in charge of the training group together with Dr. Roberto Cejuela.

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