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Farallon Islands Course
JAWS escort boat
John and Lisa Matthews own the escort boat JAWS that guides swimmer for the Farallon Islands Swimming Federation. They provide escort services for solo and relay swims in the waterway between the Farallon Islands and the Golden Gate Bridge.

This 30-mile course is renowned to be one of the two most difficult, coldest, most perilous marathon swims in the world. Water temperatures can range from 50°F (10°C) to 55.4°F (13°C), but temperatures have been recorded lower on several occasions. The water conditions are usually extremely rough with cresting ocean swells up to 20 feet. Currents and tides often exceed the speed of the fastest swimmers. It is a swim not lightly attempted.


Escort Boat

JAWS is a Grand Banks 32 that is available for escorting solo and relay swimmers.

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos from the The Farallons Islands Swimming Federation are located here.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking of solo and relay swimmers are provided by the Farallon Islands Swimming Federation.


Contact information for the Farallon Islands Swimming Federation is here.


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