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James Gaughran, long-time Stanford swimming and water polo coach
James 'Jim' Gaughran was Stanford’s swim team captain, a two-time All-America swimmer (1953, 1954) a member of the 1956 USA Olympic Water Polo team, a 5-time U.S. Water Polo All-America, five-time Outdoor All America (1956-1960), two-time AAU Outdoor Swimming champion for the San Francisco Olympic Club, and multiple winner of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim. As Stanford’s coach for 1960 to 1980, he trained 26 Olympic swimmers winning eight gold, two silver and five bronze medals.

He was on the U.S. Olympic Swimming Committee (1968-1972) and the U.S. Olympic Water Polo Committee (1964-1972). He coached Stanford’s NCAA National Championship Water Polo Team and was assistant water polo coach of the 1963 Pan American Games in Brazil. Beginning in 1970 to the present, he has been the owner and operator of National Swim Coaches’ Clinics producing educational seminars featuring America’s finest swimming and water polo coaches.

[edit] Coaching Career

Gaughran was the assistant water polo coach at the 1963 Pan American Games and head coach of the 1973 swim tour of China. He coached 26 Olympic swimmers who won 8 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals, and 4 Olympic water polo players who won silver and bronze medals. He coached 26 world record holders and 11 relay world record holders as well as 2 world champions and a world champion's relay. He coached 15 NCAA national champions and 4 relay national champions, and 1 AIAW national champion as well as Stanford's 1963 NCAA national water polo championship team and Stanford's 1967 NCAA swimming national championship team.

He was president of the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, and author of Advanced Swimming (published 1972).

His swimmers included Paul Hait (1960), George Harrison (1956, 1960), IIlkka Suvanto (1960,1964) (Finland), Dick Roth (1964)(gold), Mike Wall (1964), Brent Berk (1968), Greg Buckingham (1968), John Ferris (1968) (bronze), Brian Job (1968) (bronze) (1972), John Hencken (1972) (gold, silver( (1976) (gold, gold, silver), Dave Fairbanks (1972), Kim Peyton (1972,1976), Jo Harshbarger (1972), Judy Hudson (1972,1976) (Australia), Mike Bruner (1976) (gold, gold) (1980-boycott), Paul Hartloff (1976), Wade Flemons (1980) (Canada), John Simons (1980-boycott). His swimmers set 26 individual world records and eleven relay world records and include Bruner, Buckingham, Fairbanks, Ferris, Hait, Harrison, Hencken, Job, Nicolao, Peyton, and Roth.

[edit] Athletic Career

He was a member of the 1956 USA Olympic water polo team and was an NCAA All-American team on 1953-1954, and multiple-time winner of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim.

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