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Jen Schumacher with the Swim 22 Team including Chris Dahowski, Michael Vovk and David Hartmire
Jen Schumacher in front of the Catalina Channel
Jen Schumacher is a sport psychology consultant who educates athletes on the mental aspects of achieving excellence in sport.

She studied at California State University, Fullerton with Dr. Ken Ravizza, Dr. Traci Statler, Dr. Andrea Becker, and Dr. Lenny Wiersma, some of the most esteemed sport psychology consultants in the world.

Schumacher has experience working with a wide variety of athletes, including swimmers, water polo players, triathletes, softball players, soccer players, and wrestlers, at the high school, club, and collegiate level. She also works with Jamie Patrick who will attempt The Great Lake Swim.

She is attempting to complete the Oceans Seven and credits much of her success in channel swimming to working on her mental game and brings her unique experiences as a marathon swimmer to her sport psychology consulting.


Swimming Bio

Schumacher grew up as a competitive swimmer for the Irvine Novaquatics. In her college years, Schumacher transitioned to open water swimming, and began marathon swimming in 2009 when she crossed the Catalina Channel with the fastest female time of the season from Santa Catalina Island to the California mainland. In 2010, she crossed the Catalina Channel from the California mainland to Santa Catalina Island as part of the Swim 22 relay with Michael Vovk, Chris Dahowski and David Hartmire on a Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay. Schumacher has also crossed the Kaulakahi Channel between the island of Kauai and the island of Niihau in Hawaii, the Strait of Gibraltar in April 2012 with Darren Miller, Jamie Patrick and Oliver Wilkinson on a 4-wide (shown below), and finished second in the 27-mile END-WET in North Dakota on 13 July 2013 under 6 hours 58 minutes. She also finished fourth in the women's division in the 2014 Mega Colossus in Huntington Beach, California.

Swim 22 Relay

Strait of Gibraltar 4-wide

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