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The Jamba Juice North Shore Challenge is the fourth event in the North Shore Swim Series. Hel on 3 August, the 2.3-mile ocean swim is from Ehukai Beach Park to Waimea Bay. It started in 1983 and is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


[edit] North Shore Swim Series

The first event on the North Shore Swim Series is the Aloha Salads Summer Sprint on 22 June, a 1-mile ocean swim from Sunset Beach to Ehukai Beach Park. The second event is the Cholo’s Waimea Bay Swim on 6 July, a 1.2-mile ocean swim circling Waimea Bay. The third event is the JACO Chun’s to Waimea Bay Swim on 20 July, a 1.6-mile swim starting at Chun’s Reef and ending at Waimea Bay. The fourth event is the Jamba Juice North Shore Challenge on 3 August, a 2.3-mile ocean swim from Ehukai Beach Park to Waimea Bay that started in 1983.

[edit] Contact

Name Chris Moore

Email eroom@hawaii.rr.com

[edit] Event Information

Month: August

Event Date: 3 August 2013

Website: www.hawaiiswim.com/nsss.html

[edit] Distance

2.3 miles

[edit] Type


[edit] Location

City Honolulu

State/County/Province Hawaii

Country USA

Region Americas

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