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J. Marvin Mims is the President of the International Federation of Professional Ocean Swimmers and Divers who was the observer and authenticator of the Cuba-to-Florida swim of Walter Poenisch in 1978. He was assisted in this ocean swim by Glenn Drummond, escort boat owner, Fayette Poenisch, and Captain Bendt Lynge.

[edit] Walter Poenisch

Walter Poenisch (1913 - 2000) was a former American open water swimmer who completed swim in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida and set three world records. He was called the World's Strongest Endurance Swimmer as he towed a 30-ton paddlewheel boat while swimming with his hands and feet shackled. He also completed a swim from Cuba to The Little Duck Key in Florida at the age of 68 on 11 July 1978. His solo swim took 128.8 miles in 34 hours 15 minutes.

[edit] International Federation of Ocean Swimmers and Divers

Walter Poenisch followed the rules of the International Federation of Ocean Swimmers and Divers on his swim across the Straits of Florida:

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