International Water Safety Day

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International Water Safety Day
International Water Safety Day is May 15, 2012 that is meant to raise awareness of the drowning pandemic to the public. International Water Safety Day is an initiative started by Diversity in Aquatics to to help curve drowning statistics worldwide.


What is it?

International Water Safety Day is a day designed to educate youth in becoming safer in and around the water while spreading global awareness about the ongoing drowning pandemic.

Reason for Being

With over 1,000 deaths daily, the lack of water safety education has propelled drowning to the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Diversity in Aquatics continues to hear a common thread in what people believe would help curve these statistics: mandated swimming lessons in school curriculum. While mandating school based swim lessons seems to be a daunting task, Diversity in Aquatics believes it must start with raising awareness.


Diversity in Aquatics is embarking on a two-step awareness base plan toward increasing support.

Step One - International Water Safety Day

For International Water Safety Day, Diversity in Aquatics is calling on everyone from aquatic professionals, competitive swimmers, coaches, master swimmers, scuba divers, water polo players, recreational swimmers, boaters and everyone in between to reach out to their communities on May 15, 2012 by either holding a water safety event or giving a water safety classroom lesson. The May 15, 2012 date falls on a week day so that individuals can easily go to a local school to help deliver this message.

Step Two - Health Class Curriculum

Step two of the plan will be using this awareness to get water safety lessons mandated into grade school health classes. This is not physical education class, not a swim lesson, and not necessarily taught at a pool. This is a health lesson, a safety lesson, a life lesson taught in the classroom.

From this awareness phase base, expansion of swim lessons into grade schools around the world can begin.


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