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The Windsor Swim is a Human Race and part of its open water swimming series that includes the Human Race Spring Swim on TBC in 2013, Human Race Eton Swim on 27 May 2013, Human Race Windsor Swim on 2 June 2013, Human Race Hampton Court Swim on 21 July 2013, Human Race Marlow Swim on 25 August 2013, and Human Race Poole Swim on TBC in 2013.


[edit] Contact

Name Human Race


[edit] Event Information

Month: May - September

Website:Swim Series Human Race

Wetsuit: Yes (see below)

Charity: No

Relay: No

[edit] Water Temperature

If water temperature is above 17°C, wetsuits are optional for Elite & Performance Swimmers. If water temperature is 15°C - 17°C, it is recommended that only very experienced open water swimmers in the elite & performance waves participate without a wetsuit. If water temperature is below 15°C, it is compulsory to wear a wetsuit. No swimmer will be allowed to enter the water without a wetsuit. If water temperature is below 11°C, cancellation/postponement of the event.

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