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Héctor Ramírez Ballesteros swam butterfly across the Strait of Gibraltar in 7 hours 5 minutes and created Hip-HopenWater Nadandolibre
Hip-HopenWater Nadandolibre was created by Jose Diaz of Nadandolibre and sung by HHector. The former competitive swimmer created the song.


[edit] Lyrics in Español

Sale sol amanece en Australia,
nadadores, tiburones blancos nadan en las aguas de Italia.
Pocas horas para la competición,
nadadores lucharán para ser el campeón.
Más allá del horizonte, sueños cumplidos,
nadadores abatidos.
Ya todo está en su lugar,
Nadandolibre está listo para zarpar.
Nadadores relaizando grandes cruces en Hawai,
en los canales de Molokai.
Ballenas azules, serpientes de coral,
Nadandolibre está en este lugar.
En la Ría de Navia, nadadores españoles,
surcan frías aguas, quieren ser los mejores.
Nadandolibre es alma intangible, libre nadador
con espíritu de perdedor y campeón.
El alma, el arte y la fiesta,
son fieles amigos en aguas abiertas.
No hay carriles ni fronteras, nadadores sin barreras

[edit] Lyrics in English

The sun is rising on Australia beaches,
swimmers and sharks in the waters of Italy.
There are few hours to the competition,
swimmers fight to be champion.
Beyond the horizon, dreams fulfilled,
swimmers tired.
Everything is in place,
Nadandolibre is ready to set sail.
Swimmers making great crosses in Hawaii,
go through the channels of Molokai.
Blue whales, coral snakes,
Nadandolibre is in this place.
Spanish swimmers down by the Navia’s ria,
the water is cold, be the best is near.
Nadandolibre is intangible soul, free swimmer
spirit of loser and winner.
Soul, art and party
are faithful friends in open water diary.
No barriers swimmers, no borders, no lane,
Nadandolibre, the new age.

[edit] Hip-HopenWater Nadandolibre

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