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Bill Smith in a Maui irrigation ditch with coach Soichi Sakamoto, both members of the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame and Museum. Photo courtesy of the Hawaii Swimming Club
noun - The Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame and Museum promotes, preserves, and perpetuates Hawaiian aquatic sports for the future by celebrating the achievements of swimmers, divers, water polo athletes, and by sponsoring aquatic exhibits and performances. Hawai'i Swimming Hall of Fame and Museum is sponsored by the Hawai'i Swimming Legacy Project founded in February 2002.


[edit] Purpose

Its purpose is to inspire and engage all generations in the perpetuation of Hawaii's aquatic athletes, and to provide information about those who preceded. Panel displays picturing and telling the stories of the Hall of Fame honorees are often shown at libraries, schools, hotels and community events. Its ultimate goal is to secure a permanent center where exhibit space can be expanded and where information can be collected and made available to all who seek it.

[edit] Officers

[edit] Advisory Board

[edit] Selection

The selection of the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame inductees is determined by the Board of Directors together with the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board has the duty to select the most outstanding athletes from various water related activities who meet a predetermined criteria.

[edit] Posthumously Inducted

[edit] Class of 2002

[edit] Class of 2003

[edit] Class of 2005

[edit] Class of 2008

[edit] Class of 2012

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