Hawai’i Sports: History, Facts and Statistics

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Hawai’i Sports: History, Facts and Statistics
Hawai’i Sports: History, Facts and Statistics is a book authored by Dan Cisco that is the most comprehensive compilation of statewide sports information published in a single volume in Hawaii. It includes information on channel swimming, Keo Nakama and William K. (Opelu) Pai.

It was published in April 1999 by Latitude 20 Books and covers 59 sports in alphabetical order from adventure racing, a newly introduced sport, to wrestling. The major sports are given coverage at all levels: youth/amateur, college, and professional. Each sport begins with a history of that sport in Hawai'i: when it was introduced, the major events surrounding the sport, and the key figures-organizers and players-who contributed to the sport. Interesting facts and records are highlighted to recognize significant persons and events involved in Hawai'i's sporting community. The final section provides detailed statistics since the sport's introduction in Hawai'i as well as the records that stand today.

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