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Haley Anderson, 2012 Olympic silver medalist in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim
Haley Anderson of USC at the Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands
Haley Anderson (born 20 November 1991) is an American competitive swimmer and Olympic silver medalist who swims for the University of Southern California and the Trojan Swim Club. She is a member of the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Team and was ranked in the 2011 FINA World Cup Rankings. She participated in the 2011 FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China and placed second at the 2012 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships.

She won the final FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier in Setubal Bay, Portugal where she qualified for the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim in London and later won the silver medal on 9 August 2012 at the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim.

She won the 2013 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships 10 km in Castaic Lake, California on 19 May 2013 and as well as the gold medal in the 5 km race at the 2013 FINA World Championships.



Anderson's older sister, Alyssa Anderson, is an Olympic pool swimmer at University of Arizona. Both sisters competed at the 2009 World Swimming Championships and the 2012 London Olympic Games where Alyssa won a gold medal in the 4x200m freestyle relay.


At the 2009 Junior Pan Pacific Championships, Anderson placed first in the 800m and 1500m freestyle. At the 2009 USA Nationals and World Championship Trials, Anderson placed second in the 800m freestyle in 8:31.66, earning a place to compete at the 2009 World Swimming Championships in Rome. She placed third in the 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Trials in the 800m freestyle in 8:26.6 and won the 2012 NCAA Women's Swimming Championships in the 500 yard freestyle.

2012 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nomination

Anderson's silver medal performance at the Olympics was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award. Her World Open Water Swimming Association nomination reads,

Haley Anderson's road from swimming in lakes for fun in northern California to just missing out on a gold medal by 4 tenths of a second at the 2012 London Olympics was filled years of hard work punctuated with infectious joy and humble appreciation for all her opportunities. With a permanent smile on her expressive face, Anderson stood on the starting pontoon at the Olympics with confidence and boundless joy. Nerves and pressure were not part of the package. She embodies the purity of sport: she prepared well, believed in herself, raced fairly, and enjoyed the competition. With a fundamental sweetness and DNA shaped by a well-grounded swimming family, the Olympic medalist is a role model and the ideal teammate whose escalation to the highest echelon in elite open water swimming was rocket-like. For her silver medal performance on the sport's most pressure-packed stage, for her sense of sportsmanship, for her tremendous growth and improvement throughout this Olympic year, Haley Anderson’s Olympic swim is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.


FINA Olympic Marathon Swimming Qualifier Results

1. Haley Anderson (USA) 1:44:30.6 - 2012 Olympian
2. Eva Risztov (HUN) 1:44:32.0 - 2012 Olympian
3. Anna Olasz (HUN) 1:44:36.8
4. Ashley Twichell (USA) 1:44:37.7
5. Fang Yanqiao (CHN) 1:44:38.7 - 2012 Olympian
6. Zsofia Balazs (CAN) 1:44:38.8 - 2012 Olympian
7. Ophelie Aspord (FRA) 1:44:42.3 - 2012 Olympian
8. Natalia Charlos (POL) 1:44:42.4 - 2012 Olympian
9. Anna Guseva (RUS) 1:44:43.0 - 2012 Olympian
10. Karla Sitic (CRO) 1:44:45.5 - 2012 Olympian
11. Nadine Williams (CAN) 1:44:48.8
12. Wing Yung Natasha Terri Tang (HKG) 1:45:00.6 - 2012 Olympian
13. Yumi Kida (JPN) 1:45:03.7 - 2012 Olympian
14. Ekaterina Seliverstova (RUS) 1:45:04.3
15. Olga Beresnyeva (UKR) 1:45:05.8 - 2012 Olympian (continental qualifier)
16. Linsy Heister (NED) 1:45:06.0
17. Cara Baker (NZL) 1:45:06.1 - 2012 Olympian (continental qualifier)
18. Yanel Pinto (VEN) 1:45:09.5 - 2012 Olympian (continental qualifier)
19. Lizeth Rueda Santos (MEX) 1:46:06.6
20. Xue Li (CHN) 1:46:08.2
21. Zupan Teja (SLO) 1:46:46.4
22. Carla Díaz (VEN) 1:46:46.4
23. Waaijer Maaike (NED) 1:46:57.2
24. Coralie Codevelle (FRA) 1:47:14.5
25. Angélica André (POR) 1:47:22.7
26. Nataly Caldas Calle (ECU) 1:47:35.7
27. Inha Kotsur (AZE) 1:48:01.8
28. Heidi Gan (MAS) 1:48:17.0 - 2012 Olympian (continental qualifier)
29. Charlotte Webby (NZL) 1:49:42.2
30. Daniela Pinto (POR) 1:50:41.2
31. Jessica Roux (RSA) 1:50:52.0 - 2012 Olympian (continental qualifier)
32. Natalie du Toit (RSA) 1:50:52.1
33. Al'ona Berbasova (UKR) 1:51:11.0
34. Alexandra Philippa Panayides (CYP) 1:53:53.0
35. Ellen Olsson (SWE) 1:54:50.4
36. Fiona On Yi Chan (HKG) 1:54:59.4
37. Laila El-Bassiouni (EGY) 1:56:57.1
38. Irene Kyza (CYP) 1:57:25.0
39. Omaima Moufid (MAR) 2:11:18.8
40. Alejandra Gonzalez Lara (MEX) - DNF
41. Rania El Abdi - DNS

2012 Olympic Marathon Swim Results

GOLD Eva Risztov (HUN) 1:57:38.2
SILVER Haley Anderson (USA) 1:57:38.6
BRONZE Martina Grimaldi (ITA) 1:57:41.8
4. Keri-Anne Payne (GBR) 1:57:42.2
5. Angela Maurer (GER) 1:57:52.8
6. Ophelie Aspord (FRA) 1:58:43.1
7. Olga Beresnyeva (UKR) 1:58:44.4
8. Erika Villaecija (ESP) 1:58:49.5
9. Jana Pechanova (CZE) 1:58:52.8
10. Anna Guseva (RUS) 1:58:53.0
11. Melissa Gorman (AUS) 1:58:53.1
12. Karla Sitic (CRO) 1:58:54.7
13. Yumi Kida (JPN) 1:58:59.1
14. Yanel Pinto (VEN) 1:59:05.8
15. Natalia Charlos (POL) 1:59:58.7
16. Heidi Gan (MAS) 2:00:45.0
17. Cecilia Biagioli (ARG) 2:01:02.2
18. Zsofia Balazs (CAN) 2:01:17.8
19. Swann Oberson (SUI) 2:01:38.0
20. Wing Yung Natasha Terri Tang (HKG) 2:02:33.4
21. Lizeth Rueda Santos (MEX) 2:02:46.1
22. Marianna Lymperta (GRE) 2:04:26.5
Poliana Okimoto (BRA) DNF
Jessica Roux (RSA) DNF
Yanqiao Fang (CHN) DNS

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