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HMBD Insurance Services, Inc.
HMBD Insurance Services, Inc. (Hamman, Miller, Beauchamp, Deeble, Inc. or HMBD) is an American full-service insurance company, established in 1918. Among its products, it offers comprehensive Open water swimming insurance to the open water swimming community.


[edit] History

HMBD Insurance Services began in 1918 based on the principles of Experience, Knowledge, Integrity, Quality & Customer Care.

Hamman, Miller, Beauchamp, Deeble, Inc. (HMBD) has an impressive reputation built over the last nine decades. Even during times of economic, social, political upheaval, HMBD has remained a full service, multi-line insurance agency licensed throughout the United States. The independent agents and brokers of HMBD are all licensed and accredited professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry. HMBD's agents are up-to-date on the latest information, government rulings and innovative product applications. HMBD has the ability to custom match client needs to policies using over a hundred different quality carriers nationwide.

[edit] Open water swimming insurance

HMBD offers its open water swimming insurance application and approval process entirely online.

[edit] Part 1: Participant Accident Protection Program

Participant Accident Liability Protection Program (general liability insurance). US$300 minimum premium.

All participants, race officials, volunteer workers and staff members of the Policyholder (event organizers, race directors, associations, organizations, teams or coaches) are covered while participating in sponsored and supervised Covered Activities and while traveling, directly and without interruption, to and from any Policyholder sponsored and supervised Covered Activity and their homes or places of residence.

Covered Activities include the warm-up and participation in an open water swimming race, event, training session, camp or clinic.

Covered Person includes all participants, race officials, volunteer works and staff members of the Policyholder that can be event organizers, race directors, associations, organizations, teams or coaches.

[edit] Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Paralysis and Brain Death Benefit

If a Covered Accident results in any of the Covered Losses specified below within one year of the date of the Covered Accident, Berkley Group will pay the applicable amount.

[edit] Part 2: Participant Accident Protection Program

Participant Accident Protection Program (medical insurance coverage). US$250 minimum premium.

[edit] Maximum Medical Expense Benefit

If a Covered Person incurs Covered Expenses for treatment of an injury that resulted from a Covered Accident, within 52 weeks of the Covered Accident, Berkley Group will pay the applicable amounts, not to exceed the Maximum Accident Medical Expense Benefit of $100,000. The first such Covered Expense must be incurred within 90 days after the date of the Covered Accident.

[edit] Excess Coverage

Berkley Group will pay Covered Expenses after the Covered Person has satisfied any applicable Deductible, and only when they are in excess of amounts payable by any Other Health Care Plan available to the Covered Person whether or not claim has been made for benefits it provides. Exclusions and Limitations

[edit] Who Is Covered

Any individual who enters the open water in an event, race, training session, camp or clinic. Participants can be of any age, ability and background. The open water venues can include oceans, lakes, rivers, bays, estuaries, channels, canals, reservoirs, dams or any outdoor open body of water.

The insurance provides protection for the Policyholder (event organizers, race directors, associations, organizations, teams or coaches) against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Coverage is provided up to US$1,000,000 per occurrence and US$2,000,000 general aggregate Coverage is offered through the Sports and Recreation Providers Risk Purchasing Group pursuant to the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986.

[edit] Coverage

Insurance coverage includes suits arising out of:

[edit] Program Limits

The Occurrence Form Policy includes:

[edit] Exclusions

Assault and battery, corporal punishment, fraudulent or dishonest acts, asbestos liability, punitive or exemplary damages, employment related practices, professional liability, total pollution, fireworks and pyrotechnics, nuclear energy liability and liability for occurrences prior to the effective date of coverage. All of the above are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

There is no liability coverage for claims arising out of any of the following activities: Tackle Football, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Polo, Skin Diving, Boxing, Bungee Jumping, Motor Sports, Waterslides, Mountain Climbing, Skateboarding, Rugby, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, White Water Rafting, Mountain Boarding, Snow Boarding, Inline Skating, Water Polo, Ropes Courses, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Boating, Rodeo or any other Saddle Animal Exposures.

There is no liability coverage for claims arising out of the use of any of the following: Trampolines, Portable Rock Climbing Walls, Inflatables or Tanning Devices.

This Plan does not cover any loss to or resulting from:

[edit] Summary of Coverage

[edit] General Liability Protection Program

Coverage is afforded by Riverport Insurance Company (Admitted) (A XV A.M. Best)

[edit] Participant Accident Protection Program

Coverage is afforded by Berkley Group of Companies, "A+" rated by A.M. Best Company.

[edit] Contact

For more information, contact Travis England at HMBD Insurance Services +1 (800) 272-4594 or

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