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H2O Audio products
H2O Audio is a San Diego, California-based company that develops and markets high-performance waterproof and sweatproof sport headphones and accessories that can be used anywhere on land or in the water and are especially aimed at swimmers, surfers, divers and other aquatic athletes. By removing the boundaries that keep all athletes from benefiting from training with music, H2O Audio helps bring music and sounds to every active lifestyle and athletic endeavor. http://www.h2oaudio.com/



H2O Audio began with a San Diego State University graduate student project in 2001 that aimed to bring music to SCUBA divers. After tackling the dive market, its waterproof cases and headphones were used with iRiver and iPod family products.

For the first time people could take their iPod Mini or 3rd generation iPods into the water with sound. As the iPod evolved so did H2O Audio, introducing a waterproof case for 4th generation iPod, 1st generation iPod shuffle, as well as the iPod nano in 2006.

In 2007 H2O Audio introduced two new products that changed the lives of swimmers with the iSH2 and H3 Waterproof Headphones. The iSH2 was the first integrated iPod shuffle case and headphone solution designed specifically for swimmers. It featured a waterproof iPod shuffle case mounted to the new H3 headphones that swimmers could wear cord-free while they swam.

H2O Audio's line-up continues to fit a growing list of iPods and MP3 players. In a constant effort to improve sound quality and wearability, Amphibx Armbands, the Interval Waterproof Headphone System for swimmers, Surge bass amplified in-ear headphones and the current version of the iDive 300 case were introduced.


H2O Audio spokespersons include Natalie Coughlin, 6-time World Champion and 11-time Olympic medalist, world champion triathletes Greg Bennett and Laura Bennett, and Slater Trout, pioneering waterman and Elite Stand Up Paddler.


Waterproof Sport Headphones

Surge Sportwrap Headphones

Interval 4G

Waterproof Armbands



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