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Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco in the western-pacific area of Mexico. Guadalajara is a cultural center of Mexico, considered by most to be the home of mariachi music and host to a number of large-scale cultural events such as the International Film Festival of Guadalajara and the Guadalajara International Book Fair and a number of globally renowned cultural events which draw international crowds.


[edit] Size

With a population of 1,564,514, it is Mexico's second most populous municipality. Guadalajara is the 10th largest city in Latin America in terms of population, urban area and gross domestic product.

[edit] Origin

The city is named after the Spanish city of Guadalajara, which came from the Andalusian Arabic name wād(i) l-ḥijāra (واد الحجارة or وادي الحجارة), the literal translation of the Iberian Arriaca, meaning "river/valley of stones".

[edit] Sports

Guadalajara is also home to the Guadalajara association football club, one of the most popular soccer teams in Mexico. This city was named the American Capital of Culture for 2005. Guadalajara also hosted the 2011 Pan American Games and will host the 2015 FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championships, the 2016 FINA World Junior Diving Championships, the 2016 FINA World Junior Synchronised Swimming Championships, the 2016 FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, and the 2017 FINA World Championships.

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