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Rotary Swimarathon Logo
The Rotary Global Swimarathon is being organised by the Rotary Club of Grantham No 354. District 1070 RIBI, United Kingdom. The Chairman of the Rotary Global Swimarathon is Rtn Roger Graves PHF; the official ambassador of the event is Penny Palfrey.

Following the success of their local Rotary Swimarathon, this event will take place around the world on Rotary Day, 25th February 2012. The main purpose is to raise funds to help Rotary International eradicate polio, which still exists in 5 countries in the world.

Every Rotary Club around the world can organise a Swimarathon in their local town and get as many people to swim and raise sponsorship.

[edit] Goals

[edit] Welcome Message by Roger Graves

Welcome to the Rotary Global Swimarathon. This is an opportunity through your local Rotary Club, wherever you are in the world, to raise funds to finally eradicate Polio, raise the profile of Rotary in your Community, encourage people to swim for health and fitness and potentially set a new World Record!

"So what do you have to do,? It's simple, REGISTER with this web site and if you also wish to run a Swimarathon you must register your event with this web site". The aim is to get as many people swimming at events around the world on the 25th February 2012 for just one hour and raise sponsorship for their efforts. All funds raised will go to Rotary International Polio Campaign via your normal club channels.

If you wish to take part in the World Record attempt of the most number of people swimming at the same time then the swim will need to take place between 1200 and 1300 GMT and each swimmer must swim 100 metres without a break within the hour.

We wish you every success in this fantastic event. Sign your club up to the Rotary-Global-Swimarathon web site today to get started. Let’s eradicate Polio together.

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