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Gail Rice is a marathon swimmer, renowned for her churning 90 strokes per minute pace. She is also a mother, a marathon runner and nurse who has completed the English Channel, won the 1995 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. Her English Channel crossing in 1999 was 8 hours 12 minutes, one of the fastest female crossings of all time. In 1998, she was the first woman to complete the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, setting a record of 8 hours 34 minutes. She was also the first person to swim 22 miles around Sanibel Island in Florida, finishing in 9 hours 27 minutes despite tough currents. To top it off, she also swam 12.5 miles - all butterfly - around Key West where her kayaker confirmed that she never broke stroke. She also swam 21 miles around Miami Beach in 1996, together with Randy Nutt who were the first people to do so.

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