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Dr. Gail Grabowsky
Gail Grabowsky, Ph.D., is an accomplished open water swimmer and Associate Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies program at Chaminade University on Oahu in the state of Hawaii. A biologist from Duke University, she has served as a member of the State Environmental Council and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve Council and as the associate director of the Pacific Symposium for Science and Sustainability.


[edit] Awards

Dr. Grabowsky is a well-decorated award winner for her efforts and achievements in teaching, research, community service, swimming, and outrigger canoe racing. She has swum in hundreds of open water swimming competitions including many years of winning her age group at the prestigious Waikiki Roughwater Swim.

[edit] Interests

Her special interests are developmental and evolutionary biology; invertebrate zoology, ecology, biomechanics and environmental science. She very importantly discovered the patterns of the box jellyfish which allows open water swimmers, fisherman and other marine enthusiasts to predict their appearance and schedule their marine activities accordingly.

[edit] Author

Dr. Grabowsky is an inspiration to take action to help the environment. Her book "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save Hawai'i" was published and released on Earth Day April 2007.

[edit] Education

B.S., B.A, Ph.D., Duke University

[edit] References

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