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Gabor Molnar, Eddie Irwin and Ned Denison, three Triple Crown swimmers from Ireland
Gábor Molnár is an open water swimmer from Hungary who is currently tied for 25th on the Oceans Seven list. Molnár is currently living in Cork, Ireland and successfully completed an English Channel swim on 28-29 September 2010 in 14 hours 18 minutes, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 8 hours 30 minutes in 2011, and the Catalina Channel in 9 hours 48 seconds in 2012 to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. He also completed swims in Ireland (Sandycove Island Challenge), Switzerland (Lake Zurich Marathon Swim), and Hungary (a 37.2 km marathon swim down the Körös River in 9 hours 30 minutes in 2012 and a 20.48 km marathon swim on 10 June 2013 in 4 hours 18 minutes down the the Körös River).

His nickname is The Swimming Hun.

Marathon Swimming Career

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