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FINA Aquatics World Magazine article on the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim by Daniel Takata
noun- The FINA Aquatics World Magazine is an English-language publication that addresses all fans of aquatic sport and aims to make the five disciplines open water swimming, pool swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming) even more popular on all five continents. Fans of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming can now read extensive analyses of the largest events in their sport, as well as interviews with the stars, in a publication packed with fabulous photos.

Its readers will be able to plunge into the unique nature of each of the five FINA sports: the racing spirit in swimming, endurance in open water swimming, acrobatics in diving, art in synchronized swimming, the joy of the game in water polo. A special place in the magazine is also reserved for reports on Masters' competitions, which enjoy huge popularity the world over.

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