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Winter swimming in a pool carved out of a frozen body of water
Winter or Ice swimming by Ram Barkai in Antarctica
verb/noun - Extreme swimming is any form of swimming that would be extreme in terms of distance, water temperature or water conditions and includes channel swimming, ice swimming or marathon swimming. It can be performed in a body of water with a frozen crust of ice, or under the hot tropical sun.

Extreme swimming may be synonymous with Winter swimming or Avantouinti or Ice swimming in colder countries. This requires either breaking the ice or entering where a spring keeps the water from freezing over. This may also be simulated by a pool of water at 0°C, the temperature at which water freezes. Ice swimmers typically dip their heads below the surface to ensure that they are completely wet, whether or not the water is over their heads. They usually do not swim beneath the ice, as it is easy to get disoriented when turning around and not be able to find one's way back to the hole. Some ice swimmers avoid this problem by swimming from one hole to another, or by swimming under the ice while tethered to the shore.


International Ice Swimming Association

The International Ice Swimming Association was founded by Ram Barkai of South Africa and conducts 600m and 1-mile swims in open bodies of water whose water temperatures are less than 5°C (41°F).

World Winter Swimming Championships

The World Winter Swimming Championships are also held annually in Europe where extreme swimming events attract hundreds of athletes from dozens of countries.


Winter swimming, Cold-water swimming, Ice hole swimming, Ice swimming, Avantouinti, Epiphany swimming

Winter Swimming Championships

Extreme Swimming In Red Tarn

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