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Explorers: Adventures of the Century is an original documentary series, produced during 2012-2013, on a wide variety of explorers and adventurers produced by Outside Television and Red Bull Media House. Explorers - Adventures of the Century has enlisted the world’s most accomplished adventurers and explorers to share their stories in a series of stunning and at the same time biographical documentaries. The Red Bull Media House film crews, including Rouven Blankenfeld, follow them across perilous deserts, through racing rapids, and to the highest peaks and deepest oceans (including Stephen Redmond's quest to achieve the Oceans Seven), always on the hunt for never-before-seen footage of human skill in ultimate adventure scenarios.




Written by Wolfgang Merkel: In a world in which all boundaries seem to have been conquered, adventurers and extreme sports people restlessly seek out new challenges. They try to defeat the impregnable, make come through the impossible - despite all threatening risks and hazarding perilous efforts. "Explorers - adventures of the century" profiles the wild dozen of the most exceptional protagonists - both men and women - in their quest for the adventures of the new century. Here's kayaker Steve Fisher as he conquers the hundred year flood on the treacherous Zambezi River, no exit point is too extreme for BASE-jumpers Valery Rozov and Karina Hollekim, while Irish marathon swimmer Stephen Redmond withstands the gruelling open sea to become the first to swim the iconic Oceans Seven. They all venture into new terrain, going to their personal limits and take the viewer on the adventure of a lifetime.


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