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The Evo Bag by Amphibia is perfectly sized for everyday use, it fits in all an athlete's gear but is still convenient for travelling and lockers. With bright colours (available in red or brown) and retro styling, it also is useful. The Evo Bag has a fully waterproof pocket for wet gear and a fold-out changing mat which is really convenient for getting changed on wet changing room floors. The bag's outer material is water resistant so it will deflect water and dirt. A premium bag that really stands apart from standard sports bags and also great for leisure and travel (airline approved). RRP €45

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Amphibia, an Irish company founded by Adrian McGreevy, designs, makes and sells sports gear and sports bags including the X-Bag, Dry-Mat, Amphibia Ring, and the Evo Bag for open water swimmers and triathlete's day-to-day, swim, gym and sports needs. Amphibia is an evolutionary sports brand for triathlons, surfing, swimming, watersports and extreme sports.

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