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Evgenij Pop Acev is a professional marathon swimmer from Macedonia who competed in the 2010 FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup where he was ranked 32nd. He also competes on the 2013 [FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix]] circuit and placed fourth in the 58th Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean in 2012. He finished fourth place overall in the 2012 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit.

Pays : Macédoine, Skopje
Âge : 23 ans
Taille : 181 cm / 5'11"

2012 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix Rankings

1. Trent Grimsey (AUS) 95 points in 5 races
2. Damián Blaum (ARG) 71 points in 7 races
3. Andrea Volpini (ITA) 45 points in 7 races
4. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) 45 points in 6 races
5. Edoardo Stochino (ITA) 37 points in 5 races
6. Guillermo Bertola (ARG) 27 points in 4 races
7. Anton Pilipas (RUS) 14 points in 4 races<br

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