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Kevin Murphy, Honor Swimmer in the International Swimming Hall of Fame
Kevin Murphy Inducted In the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
Kevin Murphy has swum more times across the English Channel than any other man in history and is an inductee in both the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame for his exploits as an open water swimmer.

Kevin has crossed the English Channel 34 total times. Kevin's crossings span from 1968 to 2006 and include 3 double-crossings, the earliest Channel crossing of the year (on May 29, 1990) and a 52 hour 30 minute triple-crossing attempt when he was ordered out of the water due to the weather. A journalist by profession, Kevin appeared on the 3-part TV series, The Great British Body on ITV1 because of his famed stamina and extraordinary open water swimming achievements.

[edit] Marathon Swimming Record

Distance: 34K

Location: English Channel between England and France

Country: England

[edit] Current Record Holder

Kevin Murphy

Country: Great Britain

Time: 34 crossing

[edit] References

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