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Emily von Jentzen
Emily von Jentzen swimming in Flathead Lake, Montana
Emily von Jentzen is a 29-year-old American attorney from Kalispell who works for the Flathead County Attorney's Office in Montana. She is also a pool swimming coach, triathlete, life-long distance swimmer and an open water swimmer who runs the Enduring Waves Foundation. She is an open water swimmer who raises money for children with special medical conditions.

She holds several Montana Masters pool swimming records and is a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach and a USA Swimming Level I Certified Coach.

[edit] Marathon Swimming

On 31 August 2011, von Jentzen swam across the 55-mile Lake Chelan in Washington State, U.S.A. in 36 hours. Her unprecedented charity swim was called A Lakke for Katelyn, a fundraiser for Katelyn Roker who is battling Stage 4, a high-risk neuroblastoma. She raised US$8,500 for a 5-year-old with acute high risk nueroblastoma.

In 2010, von Jentzen became the first woman to swim 30 miles, the length of Montana's Flathead Lake, in 18 hours 30 minutes. In addition to setting her first open water swimming record, she also raised US$9,500 to help pay medical expenses for Karmyn Flanagan, a 3-year-old child battling leukemia.

In August 2013, she attempted to swim 70 miles across Canyon Ferry Lake in Helena, Montana in her unprecedented solo Swimming for Carter's Cause: Four Paws event.

On 5 September 2014, von Jentzen will attempt a 24-hour charity swim called Enduring Waves for Isabella. It is a perimeter swim around Flathead Lake in Montana.

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